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Getting involved in your health and the cost of medical treatment will result in a more enjoyable life!

Many treatment expenses today are applied to a medical plans deductible. Thus, since the cost of medical procedures varies from one provider to another it important to understand what your costs might be. How? Enter your zip code here. Then select the category for your medical situation and you will see the cost of some providers.

     Note: Even if a limited number of providers is shown you will have a cost to talk about. For example: I have a HSA and found one cost would be $_____ for the ______ . I would like to know what your cost will be?



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Medical treatment resources and info on insurance costs.

Resources to help make treatment decisions and learn more about why medical insurance is expensive can be found on this page.

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People say medical insurance costs are too high!

Yes they are! Some reasons:

First - Generally over 85% of the medical insurance premium paid by a small employer goes to the ever increasing cost of medical treatment. This chart breakdowns how a dollar of medical insurance premium is spent:

Dollar bill breakdown

Medical insurance premiums continue to go up because:

  • 70% or more of medical treatment dollars can be connected to people's life style choices e.g. smoking, eating to many big burgers, etc.!
  • Medical treatment costs have been increasing rapidly. Prescription costs have been going up even more rapidly. Adding to all this MedicAID and MediCARE do not pay providers the full cost of people's medical treatment expenses! Thus, providers shifting unpaid costs to private medical insurance plans.

         Note: Medical treatment and procedure costs have increased much faster than normal inflation since 1988.


If a person suddenly has a significant accident or unique illness they receive very expensive treatment invoice. can face a very large hospital bill. To avoid this is transfer this BIG risk to a medical insurance company!.

What can be done about high medical costs?

  • Work every day to eat lots of good nutrition and exercise. Findings tell us avoiding sugar is more important than fats. Be pro active, ask your MD lots of questions about treatment options and get other opinions before having an invasive procedure.
  • Buying a Health Savings Account (HSA) medical insurance plan is often more economical than a traditional plan. Then too, you gain a lower cost on any treatment expenses by using before tax dollars.

Resources to help make a better decision on suggested treatments:

  • Insights from experts on effective treatment for various medical conditions can be seen here. A First Aid Guide on handling medical emergencies is also included.
  • The National Library of Medicine, the National Institutes of Health, and other organizations provide extensive medical treatment information on this site. It's  easy to use and authoritative.
  • Herbal remedies and supplements are an important for many people. They are useful and effective but at times can have harmful effects! Learn more about evidence based information on the most popular supplements.

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