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Not Burden Family - Protect Nest Egg

The Employee Benefit Research Institute said it best:

"Having adequate Long Term Care insurance is the single most influential determinant of whether an individual will have a financially secure retirement."

Most people hope to have as healthy a life as possible. However, no one knows whether a health or accident "Life Happens" situation will occur! Thus, it's recommended to think about:

     First - what would you like to receive/have if a "what if" happens and your health changes?

     Second - where will money come from to pay the very expensive professional assistance you may need with day to day life activities?

The most effective answer to both questions is to- buy what I like to call "key family protection"©   It's Long Term Care insurance!  Owning means - your Spouse/Family won't have to use your savings nest egg to hire professionals to provide assistance since they can access funds in the plan.

Buying provides financial protection for your income and savings and gives you peace of mind since you have a:

  • Pool of Funds: Its based on the monthly Benefit you select times your Benefit Period (years). If assistance expenses were less than the monthly benefit the extra amount will be available to use in the future.
  • An option to increase the pool. For example: A person at 55 selects a monthly benefit of $7,200, a Benefit Period of four years, and adds the 5% compounding option. Looking ahead:
    • To say age 82 their Maximum Benefit would have grown to about $1,290,000. This is the age many people start to need assistance.
    • If assistance was needed at 80 all the money paid over 25 years could come back in benefits in just 7 1/2 months. (227 days) Thus, the cost of owning is just pennies in comparison to the financial protection (pool) you have available.

Long term services and supports are very expensive in CT. Some information on these costs here in CT is on this page of the Connecticut Partnership for Long Term Care site.

Bottom line -Buying means you gain peace of mind knowing you will be in control of when and where help is received - won't be a burden on family - have taken action to protect your savings nest egg.

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